Greetings from the south!

Not sure who all is aware, but I am no longer a resident of the Mahioning Valley. In fact I don’t even live in the north anymore. Almost 2 years ago I began transitioning with my career to beautiful South Carolina! Can you believe it? Stealing a line from Schwebel’s, I had been Youngstown born and Youngstown bread. Lived there my whole life. Now I am coming up on the one year mark that I left the valley full time. Its been strange to say the least, but one thing is for sure… I sure didn’t miss the winter… Or the potholes that I keep seeing news reports of from my friends still in Youngstown.

You may ask, why is this guy rambling on about no longer being in this place… The reason is an intro to an explanation. Why has gone dormant? Well truth of the matter is over the past probably 5 years, there has been nothing Idora related in the news… Well except for the work done by my dear friends Jim and Toni. Which if you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you check out The Idora Park Experience in person during one of its openings! They really have revivied the drive for Idora. If you haven’t been there yet, you are missing out!

Also, it seems that the internet trends these days have been shifting away from dedicated websites like and moving to more mobile friendly venues like Facebook (which we do have a group on FB as well – Information Archive – Feel free to drop us a request (unless you are a spammer, if thats the case move along, nothing to see here) While you are on there, be sure to ‘LIKE’ The Idora Park Experience as well. It really is an entertaining facebook page that takes you on the adventures of collecting Idora and Idora like items. And also, yes, I am a ninja (I have a shirt to prove it)

In closing, I would like to say that will remain online. However it will be a lot like the grass here in the south. If you don’t know what what means, the grass here in the south isn’t like the beautiful lush grass that I miss from NE Ohio. Nope Here you have 5 months of green grass and 7 months of brown dormant grass. So while has been brought up to date today, don’t be afraid of seeing periods of dormancy!

For a last call, while I am 700 miles away from Idora Park these days, feel free to share park news, updates, pictures anything! Here or in our facebook group!

I miss all of you!


The Idora Park Experience opens today!

Today marks 30 years since a horrible fire destroyed parts of Idora Park. Even though that is the case, we have a reason to celebrate today! The Idora Park Experience opens today! Open this weekend only from 10 – 6 today and 12-5 tomorrow. Admission is $5 and $3 to park. Located at 4450 S. Turner Rd. in Canfield, OH. For more information, visit the web page at – See you there!

The Idora Park Experience!

I have to hand it to Jim who is really outdoing himself for carrying on the vision of keeping the Idora Park memories alive! I got to tour the upcoming Idora Park Experience project that Jim is creating and it is outstanding! Jim has been able to collect some items that I’ve never dreamed could be found / recovered and will soon share with everyone! For more information, make sure you like the Idora Park Experience Facebook page found here: Idora Park Experience


The Idora Collection is Building! member Jim has been building quite the collection. If you are lucky enough to be a member of one of the Facebook groups, you can see his latest addition. But today I wanted to show this picture! Jim found this old broken Idora sign in Texas if I am not mistaken. It was broken and beat up. Jim had the neon redone and wala! AMAZING!
neon Updates!

Ok! So things are moving along behind the scenes here at! We are cutting back on on the spam behind the scenes! Thank goodness for that as I was having to cut through a lot of garbage behind the scenes! That should all be taken care of now though. I am also trying a new forum type. Links at the top of the page! Try it out and let me know what you think. If its good, I’ll expand it to what we used to have. Thanks!

Welcome to the new

Well as you can see, things are changing around here! A new high tech design that will be easily upgradable for the future is here! We will slowly be adding back some of the features from the previous site as we continue to rebuild. Also don’t mind the temporary artwork you see on these pages… The skeleton of the site is built… Next we will begin working on the skin!