The Idora Park Experience!

I have to hand it to Jim who is really outdoing himself for carrying on the vision of keeping the Idora Park memories alive! I got to tour the upcoming Idora Park Experience project that Jim is creating and it is outstanding! Jim has been able to collect some items that I’ve never dreamed could be found / recovered and will soon share with everyone! For more information, make sure you like the Idora Park Experience Facebook page found here: Idora Park Experience


The Idora Collection is Building! member Jim has been building quite the collection. If you are lucky enough to be a member of one of the Facebook groups, you can see his latest addition. But today I wanted to show this picture! Jim found this old broken Idora sign in Texas if I am not mistaken. It was broken and beat up. Jim had the neon redone and wala! AMAZING!
neon Updates!

Ok! So things are moving along behind the scenes here at! We are cutting back on on the spam behind the scenes! Thank goodness for that as I was having to cut through a lot of garbage behind the scenes! That should all be taken care of now though. I am also trying a new forum type. Links at the top of the page! Try it out and let me know what you think. If its good, I’ll expand it to what we used to have. Thanks!

Welcome to the new

Well as you can see, things are changing around here! A new high tech design that will be easily upgradable for the future is here! We will slowly be adding back some of the features from the previous site as we continue to rebuild. Also don’t mind the temporary artwork you see on these pages… The skeleton of the site is built… Next we will begin working on the skin!